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Tag: Password Management

  • Collection 01 Password Analysis

    In January 2019, a massive database of email addresses and passwords was released on the internet. The collection included over 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords, credentials that were assembled from many data breaches.

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  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    When implemented properly, multi-factor authentication dramatically strengthens security defenses, making it much more difficult for attackers to use stolen credentials.

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  • LastPass Authenticator Security Evaluation

    In March of 2016, LastPass announced the availability of LastPass Authenticator, an app that provides push-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) for users of their password management service.

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  • LastPass Authenticator Security Review: Part 2

    Part 2 of our in-depth review of the LastPass Authenticator.

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  • LastPass Authenticator Security Review: Part 1

    We took an in-depth look at the architecture, communications, and security of the LastPass Authenticator app in our lab in order to better understand the technology being used and whether or not the security is adequate for protecting a high-value asset such as LastPass.

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