Information Security Assessments

Information Security Assessments

Information Security keeping you up at night? 

Do you know your organization's information security weaknesses? 

Start with an Information Security Assessment for an unbiased, external look at your security program and get a clear path forward. 

All organizations -- regardless of size, sector, industry, location, or mission -- are facing an increasing number of information security threats and challenges. These threats and challenges put an organization's revenue, reputation, and overall health at risk. In the wake of high-profile attacks such as those experienced by Sony, Target, and Home Depot, it has become clear that no organization is immune, and the damages caused by such breaches can be extremely costly or even irreparable. 

Information security is not a one-time technology investment. Rather, an organization's information security posture is comprised of plans, processes, policies, governance, and the technical infrastructure. 

At FireOak Strategies, we work with organizations to review and assess their overall information security health. 

Results of the assessment include action-oriented recommended next steps, technical findings, an executive summary, and knowledge transfer/Q&A with your organization's executives. 

Contact us for more details or to request a proposal to get started with an information security assessment today. 

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