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Intranet Content for April

As we welcome the fresh breeze of April into our lives, why not bring a breath of fresh air into your organization's intranet as well?
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Kelly LeBlanc

As we welcome the fresh breeze of April into our lives, why not bring a breath of fresh air into your organization’s intranet as well? Here are five engaging ideas which have been tailored specifically for the month of April that can help invigorate your intranet and drive more engagement from your staff.

Intranet Content Ideas for April

National Records and Information Management Month

The purpose of National Records and Information Management (RIM) Month is to increase the awareness of the value and necessity of efficient records and information management. This is a good opportunity to provide programs and training that both emphasize the importance of structured RIM activities within an organization and show staff members how to follow the procedures the organization has established. Your company intranet is an excellent tool for proactive records management initiatives, promoting awareness, education, and best practices in records management!

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your intranet to strengthen information and records’ management practices:


      • Host interactive webinars or virtual workshops on records and information management. Have your in-house experts share insights, provide best practices, and engage employees in discussions about the significance and importance of RIM.

      • Provide a dedicated page or site on your intranet focused on records and information management at your organization. Include current research, articles, infographics and videos where available. Additionally, featuring content on best practices within your organization as well as compliance requirements will stress the importance of records management in your company culture.

      • Develop online training materials or modules that live on your intranet. Topics could include retention policies, data security, and compliance requirements. The modules could be tied in with professional development initiatives.

    We know that not all staff members are as enthusiastic as we are about records and information management! That’s why records and information management content and activities should be both informative, engaging, and match your organizational culture. National RIM month is a good opportunity to remind employees that they all have a role in supporting effective records and information management within an organization.

    April 11: National Pet Day

    On your company’s intranet, join in the celebration of National Pet Day, and show appreciation for the happiness and friendship that pets bring to the lives of your team. Take a moment to honor the love and loyalty that these cuddly, scaly, or otherwise adorned companions show, and recognize the positive impact they have on the wellness and attitude of their human friends. Especially in a remote or work-from-home situation, you may have enjoyed delightful, or humorous, interactions with coworkers’ home office companions, adding an extra layer of rapport and warmth to the virtual workspace.

    Some ideas for promoting and supporting National Pet Day on your intranet:

      • Encourage staff memebers to share photos and stories of their pets on your intranet – think of it as a pet stories internal blog. Include photos and allow for commenting. Talking about animal companionship is a great way to boost morale and strengthen the sense of community within an organization!

      • Promote volunteer opportunities with local animal shelters or pet related charities. If your company sponsors or supports a staff volunteer day, organizing an event using your intranet as the primary communication platform is a great way to instill the importance of giving back to the community. When your staff are geographically diverse, they have the option to find a local shelter!

      • Host a virtual pet meetup event! Use your intranet to orchestrate an event where staff members can introduce their pets to each other. This casual, fun, and inclusive event is a great way to bring remote and hybrid teams together. Additionally, those without pets should be encouraged to join!  

      You can make a fun and welcoming celebration of National Pet Day with any of these ideas on your intranet for the whole company. This can help you build a connection with other staff members who love pets or animals, and show how valuable the relationship between humans and pets or animals can be.

      Looking Back & Looking Ahead (Q1/Q2)

      Now that the first quarter of the year is over, it’s a good time to reflect back on the previous three months and take stock of what’s to come. The first three months have probably had both achievements and difficulties, leading to a reassessment of goals and plans for the next quarter. Examine what was effective, what wasn’t, and the promising opportunities ahead. Share your findings and reports on your intranet, so that staff in all positions, across all parts of the organization, can get a sense of what’s happening throughout the company. 

      Using the company intranet as a shared space for this reflective process helps to spread the insights learned and builds a common understanding. Make specific sections where teams can freely talk about what was successful, what was not, and their changing priorities as they enter Q2. Motivate employees to express their views, creating a culture of openness and ongoing improvement. 

      By using the intranet as a tool for communication, the organization accesses the shared knowledge of its staff, improving flexibility and strategic fit.

      April 22: Earth Day

      Earth Day is a global event dedicated to environmental awareness and action. It often serves as a platform to highlight challenges, promote sustainability, and encourage efforts that we as humans can all take to protect and support the planet. The theme for Earth Day 2024 is: Planet vs. Plastics and seeks to raise awareness on various risks associated with plastics.

      Here are some ideas for celebrating Earth Day using your intranet:

        • Create a green initiatives page to showcase the company’s green initiatives and sustainability efforts. Highlight past, current, and future projects. Discuss achievements and goals related to good environmental stewardship.

        • Organize employee challenges that focus on eco-friendly lifestyle changes that promote sustainability. This could be in the form of waste reduction (for example, no single water bottle use), energy saving (turn off your computers at the end of the day), or even sustainable commuting challenges (try carpooling with a friend if you go into the office). Progress and achievements can be posted to the intranet as well!

        • Create a news post or informational page on green tips and hacks. These could include advice on waste reduction, energy conservation, selecting eco-friendly products, etc. Depending on configuration, staff could be allowed to comment or suggest their own tips and tricks for green living.

        Working for the environment and the planet’s health is always worthwhile. You can use your company intranet to involve employees in Earth Day activities, raise environmental consciousness, and support a green and eco-friendly workplace culture.

        April 26: World Intellectual Property Day

        World Intellectual Property Day is a day designated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

        to celebrate the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativity. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs, in fostering innovation and protecting the creations of the human mind.

        To promote World Intellectual Property Day, consider employing some of the following:

          • Feature an employee spotlight acknowledging employees who have made significant contributions to innovation and intellectual property. Use the intranet to highlight their achievements, share their stories, and express gratitude for their hard work.

          • Provide a virtual session for staff to review the organization’s IP and IP adjacent policies. Share updates and reminders about the importance of adherence to IP policies.  Provide links to the relevant documents and policies on the intranet.

          • Incorporate an intellectual property recognition wall on your intranet. This virtual wall will recognize employees who have received patents, trademarks, or other IP rights. Include their profiles and photos along with information about their creations.

          By using your company’s intranet, you can effectively increase awareness of World Intellectual Property Day, educate staff about the value of intellectual property, and celebrate the creative achievements happening within your organization.

          Other Ideas

          Other ideas to potentially incorporate into your intranet content for April 2024:

          • April 15: Jackie Robinson Day
          • April 15: Tax Day
          • April 23: World Book and Copyright Day
          • April 26: Arbor Day
          • April 28-May 5: National Small Business Week

          Looking for more ways to enhance your intranet, freshen up an intranet, or build a new intranet? Check out other articles in FireOak’s FireOak’s intranet blog post series and stay tuned for our May Intranet Content post in this series.

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