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New Article Series — Building and Maintaining a Modern Intranet

Introducing FireOak's new series all about modern intranets -- with tips and tricks, best practices, actionable insights, and more.
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Abby Clobridge

Abby Clobridge is the founder of FireOak Strategies. She works with clients around the world to enhance how organizations manage, secure, and share their knowledge. You can reach Abby at [email protected].
Building and maintaining a modern intranet series

Most organizations today are eager to make critical internal knowledge as findable, discoverable, and reusable as possible. As a result, developing a modern intranet has been a core tactic of many clients’ knowledge management strategies.

Over the coming months, the FireOak Strategies consulting team will be diving into many topics related in our new new article series about modern intranets. Through these articles, we’ll share tips and tricks for developing and maintaining a modern intranet, highlight best practices, and recommend ways to avoid common pitfalls.

Our first post in this series, Building a Modern Intranet, focuses on ten characteristics of modern intranets. We cover all aspects — people, processes, technology, and the content itself. Stay tuned for many follow up thought pieces on related topics!

We’re here to help so your organization’s intranet can accomplish a variety of knowledge management goals, including enabling staff to work smarter, better, and faster. Stay tuned for more!

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