FireOak Strategies: Working with Clients

We focus on the human dimension first and then link people’s knowledge needs with organizational realities. We develop organization-specific, resource-appropriate strategies that are realistic, practical, and sustainable.

At FireOak Strategies, we work to help organizations make the most of their knowledge, information, and data – including hard-to-access tacit knowledge which exists purely within people’s heads. We want organizations to be able to take full advantage of their staff members’ expertise, experience, and know-how; its institutional memory; and knowledge captured, created, or stored within the organization – which usually contains highly-valuable yet difficult-to-access knowledge.

Our job is to take research, theory and best practices from knowledge management, library science, information management, communication, and organizational behavior and apply them to clients’ unique organizational culture and needs.

We draw upon our experiences working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from various sectors, and based around the world.

We consistently ask questions about how we can better connect people to the knowledge and information they need – what types of information and knowledge are people looking for and how can we make that findable and ready to be absorbed or applied?

We work with clients to :

  • Diagnose current and emerging problems, challenges, gaps, or bottlenecks in knowledge flow
  • Align staff’s knowledge/information management needs with organizational structure including personnel, technology infrastructure, and other resources
  • Understand staff and stakeholder needs by building use-case analyses and scenarios
  • Assess workflows and processes in terms of knowledge capture, sharing, organization, and management
  • Identify ways in which new technologies can better support staff needs
  • Develop workflows and programs that are sustainable over the long term

Selected Resources about Knowledge Management:

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