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Category: Knowledge Management

  • Building a Modern Intranet

    Building a Modern Intranet

    A well-designed, modern intranet can be a key component of a successful knowledge management strategy. A modern intranet should make it easier for staff to do their jobs, find what they’re looking for, collaborate with each other, and stay connected to the organization.

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  • What is Knowledge Management?

    What is Knowledge Management?

    Knowledge management is the process of formally creating, capturing, securing, sharing, and re-using an organization’s internal information and knowledge.

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  • Is it time for your annual cloud platform check-up? 

    Is it time for your annual cloud platform check-up? 

    It’s incredibly easy for organizations to accumulate a ton of new cloud platforms. FireOak recommends conducting a cloud platform check-up on a regular basis — at a minimum, once a year. 

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  • How Platforms Proliferate

    How Platforms Proliferate

    We often get asked what’s the best knowledge management system. But getting a new system can lead to platform proliferation without addressing root causes.

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  • Knowledge Management FAQ

    Knowledge Management FAQ

    Here are a few answers to common questions about knowledge management.

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  • Balancing Security and Sharing

    Balancing Security and Sharing

    For most organizations, it can be a challenge to balance the need to protect and secure data with the need to promote internal knowledge sharing. But it doesn’t have to be the case.

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  • Coronavirus Cybersecurity & Knowledge Management Checklist

    Is your staff ready to work from home en masse? Consult the FireOak Strategies Coronavirus Cybersecurity Checklist to prepare your organization.

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  • Knowledge Management Company of the Year 2019

    FireOak Strategies has been named “Knowledge Management Company of the Year” by CIOReview for Knowledge Management Consulting/Services for 2019!

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  • FireOak at KM Showcase 2020

    The FireOak team will be at the KM Showcase 2020 in Arlington, Virginia. Stop by our booth to chat about all-things knowledge management!

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  • FireOak at Global Digital Health Forum 2019

    Stop by booth 5 at the Global Digital Health Forum to ask FireOak consultants your questions about cybersecurity & knowledge management!

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