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Insights and articles about knowledge management, information security, technology, data and analytics, business process automation, platform management, and other related topics, from our experienced team of consultants.

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What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is the process of formally creating, capturing, securing, sharing, and re-using an organization’s internal information and knowledge.

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What is Knowledge Management?
Tactics to showcase and highlight knowledge assets buried in your organization's platforms.
My initial experiences with Copilot, Microsoft's new AI tool embedded directly within the 365 ecosystem.
FireOak’s favorite topics for intranet content for February. Adapt these ideas for your organization!
Current knowledge management trends – the strategies, tools, and practices that are setting the standard for KM.
The SEC implemented regulations mandating that public companies reveal and report on material cybersecurity incidents they experience.
FireOak’s favorite topics for intranet content for January. Adapt these ideas for your organization!
Dark patterns are deceptive techniques used in web design and marketing, which are designed to manipulate users into doing things they didn’t intend. Read on to learn more about Confirmshaming, The Roach Motel, and other dark pattern techniques.